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January 19, 2018

December 7, 2017

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May 31, 2018

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The Truth About Tarot

December 7, 2017

I do not openly publicize or market often the fact that Tarot Card readings are a part of my business and a service I offer to my clients, in part because of how seriously I take the energy it opens you up to as the reader....


When I was younger, my grandmother came to me in a dream to tell me ahead of time she was ill and it would not be long before she passed. I was overseas in Morocco at the time, left on the next plane I could back to FL where she was living at the time and was incredibly blessed to spend the last month of her life with her. But needless to say perhaps, I was freaked out a bit by the experience. It opened my eyes to how powerful the subtle energy can be if we are open to it, and even sometimes when we least expect it.


Well, it may surprise you to know, I have been practicing Tarot even longer than yoga. My mother suggested I go to a tarot card reader when I was in college and trying to make a difficult decision- yes, we can agree she is the Lorilai to my Rory in this scenario. It helped me, and I was so amazed, I convinced her to buy me a deck that day. From that moment on I read all the books I could get my hands on about this "magic" I felt like I had sort of stumbled upon. The way I see Tarot is sort of the way I see astrology, you see, that it is merely a way to understand ourselves and the world around us on a deeper level through archetypal energies and images that are traditionally understood, but also open to new interpretations through our modern understanding.


Recently, I gave a very powerful reading to a friend and client. She had a sense she was pregnant and she wanted to receive a reading about how to approach it, because she has had a miscarriage in the past, had not yet been to the doctor to confirm the test, and was feeling scared. I love being people’s yoga instructor and tarot card reader/reiki practitioner in part because of the fact that I often get to be the first one to know about exciting news like this from my friends, clients and students. But, I will admit, I am always a little nervous to be asked counsel on something like pregnancy early on, when so much can go wrong and so much can be riding on the outcome. At the same time, I believe the cards are here to guide us through difficult situations even more than the happy times. I believe that they often help us shift our perspective and understanding even more when we feel there is not a bright side or silver lining.


So, I agreed to do a reading mixed with a yoga session and overall the message to my sweet friend was very positive, encouraging her that she was in fact pregnant and to trust her instincts in keeping the news to herself for the moment and at the same time knowing everything would be OK, no matter the outcome of the pregnancy. She seemed comforted after our session and we hugged before I left, and I told her as her friend to feel free to contact me and keep me posted after her appointment with the doctor, through any sickness she may feel (since she decided not to tell her family quite yet, aside from her hubby of course).


She did keep me posted. I was elated when she told me the news was official, tried to be there for her and listen or cheer her when she messaged me that she was morning sick again, and then cried when she told me she had once again miscarried later. My heart breaks to know and hear in her voice how happy she was from the news and how devastated she is now that she knows the vision of the future we were both hoping for her will not yet be coming to fruition.


I am ill equipped at times, I feel, for this position, seeing as I do not have children, (In fact, I have tried harder to avoid pregnancy than I have ever tried to have children) and cannot relate fully to going through the experience she is grappling with currently. But as I was heart broken for her, she reminded me of all of the green and blue skies that were in the cards, she said that I was able to help her “see that difficult things are sometimes out of [her/our] control and that there are greener pastures ahead.” How beautiful a woman she is to be able to gain this perspective from this experience so relatively soon after such a heartbreaking event.


We agreed that I should share her story for now for her to show how healing yoga and tarot can be even in horribly difficult and challenging times. Even though sometimes it takes me and my clients time and hindsight to better understand the meaning and message in the cards, there can be many layers of understanding and comfort/insight found in this mystical sort of exploration with your intuition. Please let me know if you are interested in a reading soon. Just remember, don’t ask a question unless you really want to know the answer, and remember that the universe is wise and loving beyond our limited ability to fully understand.





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