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January 19, 2018

December 7, 2017

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Intro to Ashtanga Yoga... Mysore Style (but why?)

May 31, 2018

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A Journey Through the Chakras

March 27, 2018

I remember when I first started hearing this word "Chakra."  I did not know much about this concept until my Yoga Teacher Training with Akasha Ellis and Bliss Wood at Birmingham Yoga in 2013. I was immediately hit with what a fascinating way it is to conceptualize of the patterns in our bodies and our world. 

Once I started studying the way in which the Chakras align so beautifully with the endocrine system, it began to make even more sense to me. I loved the connection with colors and planets, emotions and elements that were involved. It made it easier for me to remember for the final exam - like a chart you could memorize before a chemistry or biology test. Then after training in restorative yoga and yoga nidra with Bliss, I read Eastern Body Western Mind and was taken with all of the connections Anodea Judith makes within that book between western psychology and eastern knowledge, tying in our emotional well-being so directly with the well-being of our body and mind.


Then when Kerry Burgess and I met during his teacher training a few years ago we started talking about creating something together that would help give others a better, more tangible understanding of this very esoteric system (I have always sort of thought that people disregard the value of this tradition due to trying to take it too literally or thinking of it as all too "woo woo").


Since then, we have been working on this series offering it when asked at many of our favorite studios in Birmingham, AL and it is coming up again in April at Birmingham Yoga!

Kerry has an incredible talent for and training in accoustic guitar and we both have a deep love for music. We are fascinated by all of the connections you can make between this traditional understanding of the energy systems of the body and the associations with colors, keys in music, the planets and so much more which have developed over many years in yoga and aryuveda, accupucture and Chinese medicine. We have selected and sequenced specific postures/asanas that are supported, accesible and relaxing and paired them with music that will evoke the feeling of each center, as we discuss the many associations listed above.

The resulting experience is a unique combination of live music with Kerry and a special restorative yoga sequence each week that focuses on the themes of two chakras at a time, see the summary below. This gives us time to discuss what lessons are to be found in moving through and healing the potential trauma we may each find at times in our lives associated with each energy center and methods of self care and yoga which can be helpful in coping with, acknowledging, and moving beyond such trauma.

Whether you are already well-studied in this system or new to yoga and curious about the ideas we will be discussing, we hope you will walk away feeling relaxed and informed about the multitude of applications that can be found in exploring the chakras together.

Some of the methods we will use and discuss are as follows -

Restorative Yoga
Live Music
Essential Oils
Sound Bowls
Live Chanting
Yoga Nidra - Guided Imagery

See below for a short summary of what to expect each week:


 Week 1: Grounding and Creativity 

The Root and Sacral Chakra teach us to find support and a strong foundation, heal our relationship to the earth and those around us and from that safe place, we can start to explore the creativity and receptivity of the higher chakras. This class will include an overview of the chakra system as a whole as well as a closer look at the first two energy centers.



Week 2: Centeredness and Open Hearts
The Solar Plexus and Heart Center are two of the most important chakras. From the core of our being we find our identity and from this center we are more able to reach out to others and open our heart. We will explore the idea that being vulnerable is easier when we are clear on who we are and when we are confident at fulfilling and defining our own needs.



Week 3: Self Expression and Vision
Building upon the first two weeks, we will look at how it is crucial to have a strong foundation of safety and centeredness in order to find our voice and be confident in sharing our higher vision with others and even ourselves through the Throat and Third Eye Chakras.



Week 4: Stillness and Unity
Utilizing restorative yoga and guided imagery as well as healing sounds we will take a look at the amazing benefits and also the challenges of stillness and bring together everything from the past weeks to create a unified understanding of how the chakras help us better relate to our bodies and our world with an emphasis on the Crown Chakra.

Please join us each Monday for yoga, guided imagery, live music and more as we explore the chakras!
Full series $80, drop-in available for $25 per class, space permitting


Click here to sign up and reserve your spot today!



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